"I feel I have started a journey forward, a healthier and enjoyable life;
thanks for showing me the way."
Ayurveda treating Parkinsons naturally


Patients Testimonials (2)

Dear Dr. Paneri

I would like to summarize the effects of the drugs you are supplying me for the treatment of Parkinson's disease.
I began using your medicines in Nov. of 2002, about eight months ago.

1) Prior to using your drugs, I was relying on Sinemet, 25/100, using it six times a day and Reequip 200 mg. three times a day. These drugs had created the strong feeling in me that "someone else was responsible for me".
I just could not be myself.  It was a very confusing state of mind to be in, especially in my profession as a Professor. With your drugs, this feeling is gone. I can now focus on my tasks and stay with them, by and large.

2) In the last six months, my energy level has been much better. I feel less tired and also less sleepy.

3) I have decreased my Sine met intake by one full tablet and the specialists are pleased with the change.

4) Persons who have known me for a while are remarking that I look better than before and able to socialize a lot more.

Thank you for your prompt dispatch of drugs. I am looking forward to the day when I may be free of PD and can help others with the help you have given me so far. Your medicine is effective.

Professor Bahadur Tejani, Ph.D
Freeport, New York

I feel I have started a journey forward, a healthier and enjoyable life; thanks for showing me the way. Your help, advice and continuous loving support have been really appreciated. I am grateful for all your help and your very very useful knowledge.

Dharmistha Patel, Ahmedabad

Thank you for restoring my faith in human nature and connecting me to myself.

Juan D. Lorca, New York

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, soul and being for all your generous healing and facilitation of my transformation. You provide the perfect balance of trust, nurturing and patient witnessing to coax the innermost parts of a being in to life and awareness. This is healing and the bearers of well-being at its absolute best! May all your dreams come true, and surpass them! I am completely cured from Asthma.

Nilaben Shah, Ahmedabad

Your medicines are having a divine touch because of the improvements in my wife’s condition. She is now able to sleep better   and walk without her back getting bent forward. This is a major improvement and she continues to maintain her ability to walk properly. She is also better able to use her fingers for drinking liquids etc.

My wife had been suffering from a dry unproductive cough for almost ten months and now with the use of your medicines for just over a month, she is practically free from her distressing cough. She used to get saliva dripping from her mouth in a stringy fashion and this is also eliminated.

V. Padmanabhan
General Manager (Retd.)
Ordance Factories, Coimbatore

To Dr. Paneri

I am writing this letter to thank you for treating my father Mr.Balbhadra Shah is under treatment for the last six Months and the recovery are remarkable. He has improved Balance, memory power and steadiness.

He was suffering for the last five years and taking Syndropa Plus. But it has side effects. He was losing his memory, but after being under your guidance he is improving remarkably.

Asha Shah

Dear Dr. Paneri,

Since I started your medication for Parkinson, gradual there is reduction of certain neural problems including facial twitches, muscle spasms, ringing in the ears and tingling sensations.

Higher tolerance in coping with anxiety, depression, irritability, anger, a greater clarity of thought and better memory function. Increase in energy levels, endurance and stamina.

Some ill patients have gone from doctor to doctor, sometimes spending thousands on their healthcare only to be disappointed your medicine may be the missing bridge on the road to better health for many of Parkinson patient.

Hariprasad Vora, Vinzol, Gujarat

Dear Dr Paneri,

I started your medicine for my Sinus. I have greater resistance to colds, influenza and other illness. I’ve increased energy. Those whose sinus problems are more severe in nature I advised to consult Dr Paneri.

Kausik Patel, Ahmedabad

Dear Dr Paneri,

I am Parkinson patient since last ten years. I have improvement in my health. Better digestion, including a decrease in constipation, bloated feeling and interrupted sleep due to frequent urination. A stronger sense of well being and increased general perception of "feeling good".

Ramanlal Shah Ahmedabad


Dear Dr Paneri,

I was having pain in right leg coupled with pain in chest if I walked more than ¼ km particularly after dinner since more than last one yr. I was also feeling breathlessness and perspiration during that period. I used to take pain killer medicine Viz Sabratol as a remedial measure. On August 15 2001 I contacted a Cardiologist .I was treated for Parkinsons. However no concrete visible improvement was found. My son's friend advised me to contact Dr. Mukesh Paneri. Accordingly I contacted him on October 16 2001 and my treatment started. To my surprise slowly and gradually after dinner pain was gone in the very first month of the treatment. Besides, walking was also possible in next fifteen days. And when today two months of Dr. Paneri's treatment, about 50% pain in right hand and leg have gone. And I am fee loin 50% relief in Parkinson's disease. My tremors and rigidity are quite less. I can write well with good handwriting.

Pravinbhai C. Vyas, Ahmedabad

I try Chinese medicine acupuncture, everything. Finally I feel better I am on right path. I never dreamed I would be cured by Ayurvedic medicine. I contact Dr. Paneri for my physical health problems. My aching joints & stiffness became less.

Gorgoluck,, Moscow

Dear Dr Ravi Paneri
I am very grateful that you took my case and restored my life.

I was suffering from Nocturnal Emission at least 4 times of week, because of that I had Sever weakness, glow of my skin was diminished, I could not concentrate on my studies and other symptoms were there.

I went here and there and took treatment but I dint get the result. After that I went to Dr Ravi Paneri , he did my Pulse reading and said what was exactly wrong with me and gave me herbs.

After 3 months of treatment I am cured and now I can concentrate on my studies, doing exercise and my life has been restored.

Parth Patel

Dear Dr Paneri

My name is Mamta Ranaut from Ahmadabad, Gujarat, India

I was suffering from Infertility from very long time, my and my husband’s reports were Normal and all doctors were amazed that why was not I able to conceive. I almost went to all Gynecologist of my city but did not get the desired result and I ended up wasting lots of money and faith as well.

Then I was referred to Dr Paneri by one of his patient who got cured from Infertility. And he has cured many cases of Infertility. He took my Pulse and said the reason is sever Pitta Imbalance and it was suppose to by my cause for Infertility. Well at that time I did not know about Ayurveda much.

But I did his treatment sincerely and followed Diet and regimen properly , after a year and half I have baby boy , I cant define how happy I am to be mother and my family is very happy.

I am really very much grateful to you.

Mamta Ranaut, Ahmedabad, India

Dear Dr Paneri
I was diagnosed by Parkinson’s and eventually I read about your article on Parkinson’s and its herbal treatment.

I was diagnosed by PD 2 years back and after reading your article I was very happy that I found a ray of hope to get cured and be independent once again.

I have been taking your herbs for almost a year and I am feeling 80 percent recovered. My vision is clear, No Tremors, No Depression, No Confusion , I can do my activities on my own and this is how I have lived my whole life being Independent , because of Parkinson’s I was highly dependent on my family.

But I am very sure that I will be completely recovered in a time span you have told me.

Sincerely Thanks

Dear Dr Paneri

My name is Mihika age 18 years.
I was diagnosed by Severe Rheumatoid Arthritis and I was not able to walk.

I was being treated by one of the best orthopedic surgeon and I was on chemical medicine and steroid. Doctor clearly said me that I have to take steroid throughout my life and will be able to walk only if miracle happens.

I started your treatment 2 years back and you gave me herbal powder to have with honey and gave me very strict diet restriction.

But after taking 4 months of treatment all the western medicine including steroid was stopped and I started walking and after 8 months of treatment I started riding bicycle and going to school.

After 2 years of your herbal treatment I am completely cured now and Very thankful to you for saving my life and I can say that Miracle has already happened by your treatment.

Dear Dr Mukesh Paneri

I am Mr. Navin Ghoricha from Ahmedabad, India.

I was diagnosed by Benign Prostate Hyperplasia BPH in March 09. I went for tests and was asked by Urologist to go under operation but somehow I was not ready at this age to go for operation.

You came to see me in hospital where I was lying on bed and you took my pulse and said that I did not have to go for operation and you gave me herbs which reduced the size of prostate in 3 days. After 3 days Urologist was taken aback to see that and said now I don’t have to go for operation.

After 3 months of treatment I have recovered.

Thanks a million for your wonder herbs.

Your friend

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