A World Parkinson's Centre for the cure of Parkinson's disease
Ayurveda treating Parkinsons naturally


World Parkinsons Resort World Parkinsons CenterA World Parkinson's Centre for the cure of Parkinson's disease, to be located in Gujarat, India, is in the planning stage at this present moment. Headed by Dr. Mukesh Paneri, the World Parkinson's Centre will be an international Ayurvedic clinic for Parkinson's sufferers around the world to stay and be treated by Dr. Paneri through the ancient Indian medical system of Ayurveda.

Ayurvedic training, which takes more than 2 decades to complete, enables the practitioner to master all of the arts and skills required to compound often very complex formulae of Ayurvedic medicines, as well as to sharply learn the subtleties of disease identification by pulse. Even in the recent past, there were thousands of Ayurvedic doctors of advanced age in India, who were compounding their own medicines based upon their master/disciple training, often with their hereditary Ayurvedic dynasty. In the last two decades these thousands of medicine-preparing Ayurvedic doctors have vanished due to the attrition of old age, and due to the rigorous training involved, the children of these doctors did not choose to follow in their footsteps. Dr. Paneri, a 6th generation Ayurvedic doctor trained within his family of Ayurvedic doctors as well as Ayurvedic masters, is one of the very last doctors to produce his own medicine. One of the direct benefits of the World Parkinson's Centre is that these ancient formulae will be preserved in such a way that patients into the foreseeable future will be able to obtain relief from not only Parkinson's, but a large number of other rare and nearly untreatable diseases as well.

This facility will feature Ayurvedic spa treatments, Pancha Karma treatments, physical therapy treatments, Ayurvedic massage, a variety of herbal and mineral hydrotherapies, organically grown Ayurvedic diet specific to Parkinson's sufferers, as well as herbs and other materials to be grown on the premises that are required for the formulation of Ayurvedic Parkinson's medicine. Full entertainment and educational programs will be available, including programs that give deep and insightful understanding of Ayurveda made comprehensible to the Western mind. A large Goshala of several hundred milk cows will supply fresh milk and ghee for the patients and their families. Large rooms and suites will be available so that relatives of Parkinson's patients can accompany their loved ones to the Centre as well, along with many amenities to produce a comfortable and pleasant stay for both the Parkinson's patients and those who may be accompanying them from America, Europe, Australia and other countries.

Upon departure from the World Parkinson's Centre after the recommended period of one month's time, highly-trained nurses will be available to travel with Parkinson's patients to help create the lifestyle changes needed in their homes and maximize the effective treatment, which will include food preparation as well as abstinence from harmful habits.

A portion of the fees for staying at the World Parkinson's Centre will be used to endow a nonprofit organization that will make these medicines available on a sliding scale to those who could not afford them otherwise.

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