We do not claim miracles. This is a well-proven Indian system of medicine.
Ayurveda treating Parkinsons naturally


Frequently Asked Questions

Q Can Ayurveda treat Parkinson?

A Yes, not only Parkinson but much other neurological disease like; Facial neuralgia, Multiple sclerosis, Paralysis, Paraplegia, Bell’s palsy, Convulsions.

Q Is it better than Allopathic medicine?

AYes it creates fundamental changes in the body and restores the proper balance to keep it normal and healthy.

Q Can it give permanent relief?

A Yes, we do not claim miracles. This is a well-proven Indian system of medicine. It takes up to 3 years to bring fundamental balance in our body. After this, the change is permanent.

QWhat is the basis of fluctuation for other side effects of Levodopa?

AWe're not absolutely sure. It seems that the fluctuation is due to the plasma level of Levadopa. Generally the level remains high for about three hours and then begins to drop off. Over a period of years the patients develop a faster rate of absorption leading to greater fluctuations. Hence, the therapeutic effect tends to peak faster and fall of more rapidly. However, the pattern varies with the individual.

Q Dr. Paneri, What is the relationship between your medicine and Levadopa?

AWhen a patient shows some improvement with the use of my medicine, I urge them to continue with their other medicines. Usually after six months patients develop strength. At this time, if the Parkinson symptoms become less  pronounced, and there are no
complications, I reduce the dose of Levadopa down to the minimum. After the reduction is effective, I add some more powerful medicine, which will reduce Levadopa dependency further.

Q Dr. Paneri, is there any interaction between Ayurvedic medicine and other Parkinson medicine?   

AI have not seen any significant problems when they are taken together. Occasionally patients have gas problem, and some complain of anorexia.

QDo you offer a PD patient advice on diet, posture, sleeping and exercise?

AYes. There is a well-organized plan on the above matters as well as other procedures. This will be provided after you register as a patient.

FAQ on Weight loss

Obesity is one of the most common illness seen around the globe. Globally there are more than 1 billion overweight adults and nearly 300 millions are obese.

Obesity is a major risk for Chronic disease, Diabetes, Cardiovascular disease, Blood pressure , Stroke and many other illness Obesity has been described as the term Sthaulya Roga in various Ayurvedic science According to Ayurveda, Obesity is the excess amount of body fat.

Q How does Ayurveda helps

A Ayurveda helps not only losing weight but also helps in maintaining general health Ayurvedic herbs are safe and can be of great help without having any side effects as such like conventional medicines According to Ayurveda the most effective way to lose weight is to Eat proper , have a Healthy life style and to correct the Body Metabolism to treat the excess fat

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